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  • Jeffrey Steinke

    I’d add one more – Invite the Right People. As the meeting organizer, keep the attendee list small & focused so you’re less likely to get off track by someone who is only tangentially interested or not fully up-to-speed on the topic. If the excluded attendee is truly interested they can always read the meeting minutes. And from the perspective of the attendee, don’t be hesitant to decline meetings you really don’t need to be at.

    I love your other ideas too. I built a tool trying to incorporate them so that it’d be easy for people to follow these best practices. I’d love to hear your feedback: http://www.lessmeeting.com. My goal is that by using it you’ll start following tips like these w/o even realizing it.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Great point Jeffrey! Having the right people involved is crucial not only to the engagement of the attendees, but also to the interactions that occur and the actions that come out of the meeting.

  • http://vision21.us/ Richard Melrose

    Use the Parallel Thinking ( Six Thinking Hats http://amzn.to/nzWnV7 ) disciplines of Dr. Edward de Bono for shorter, more productive and more congenial meetings.


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