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  • Jennifer Greenwood

    Thanks so much! I am planning on trying this tonight. I have about 82gb of music….based on comments from your other post about doing this for pictures, someone said it took them 30 hours to copy 36gb. Am I fair to assume that my copying of 80+ gb is going to be quite a few days? Do you think it’s even worth it? Contemplating the best approach to back up my music collection but not sure if this is the best way for me. Any thoughts anyone has for me would be appreciated! :)

    • http://www.erikeric.com/ erikeric

      Did you move your iTunes library to the Dropbox folder? Did you have any problems?

  • Kerstin Exner

    I tried this and it sounded so easy. I drag/dropped the entire Music folder on my Mac into the Dropbox folder via Finder. Then started up itunes and chose the new location. So far so good. The database shows up fine in itunes (artists, songs, artwork etc.). However, it cannot play any tracks saying it can’t locate the file. In Finder the files are shown in the right locations, precisely where itunes is trying to find them according to Get Info on the track in itunes. Will this rectify itself once dropbox has synced all the files (this could take weeks, it’s 70GB)? I don’t want to wait for the sync to finish before finding out that that wasn’t the problem at all. Any idea?

  • Merry Grissom

    I am using a pc, and can follow these up to the “open itunes…carefully” step, but that’s where I fall off. Is there a pc alternative to the Option+click trick? Can you tell me how to bring up the “Choose iTunes Library” box on a PC? Thanks in advance for any help!

    • dt.k

      Yeah, shift + click.

  • Emiliano de Cuba

    I know this refers to “moving” the iTunes Library, but does this imply that I can remove the iTunes Library on my computer to regain disk space?

  • Mark Johnson

    I screwed this process up – I created a new library v. choosing a library as instructed. How can I undo this?

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