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  • http://GTDNext.com GTDNext.com

    I use similar process, with one major change. All ideas and actions go into http://GTDNext.com – When I’m on the road, I just email the idea to GTDNext

    I too use Evernote to capture all my misc items, like documents, memories and other reference type items.

  • http://thenewmobileoffice.com/flexible-time-management Sally Erickson, iPad Assistant

    Hi Jeremy,
    I am a fan of Evernote as well. But I do have a problem with capturing data: web articles. They save to Evernote via my iPad browser as strictly links. I do an elaborate end run using Pocket to get the actual page/article to Evernote. Is there a way to use Web Clipper on the iPad? My only other method is to copy/paste, but the formatting is lost, as well as the photos.
    I would appreciate any ideas you have. Thanks for the great article and the tips.

  • Marc Boscher

    Totally agree with the “immediacy of their capture”. If I don’t put an idea somewhere safe, my brain nags at me and I lose focus. But personnally, for ideas, I actually go directly to Asana. That way it’s already in a todo list to process.

    I found though that adding to Asana is often not fast enough, especially if you have multiple workspaces. So I build myself a Chrome extension for quick-add that supports all the task fields (projects, tags, followers, assignee, due date, etc). If you think that could be useful, try it out and let me know:


  • couldntcareless

    Best tool for immediacy of the capture is hands down memosnag (memosnag.com). With memosnag you can capture images, text, webpages, videos (vimeo, youtube and all html5) and links with a single click, whereas clipper requires you to click 3-4 times… I believe it’s only available for chrome though right now

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