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  • @hvandenbergh

    I use Trello as my To Do, however after having practiced GTD for a long period of time, with Trello I am using the Personal Kanban method ( http://www.personalkanban.com/pk/ ) I think Trello is great, also a good iPhone app, and hopefully an iPad app soon

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve been using old-school lists for so long, but after starting to use Trello I can see huge potential in the personal kanban system and Trello does it perfectly.

  • http://www.degconsulting.net/ Daniel Gold

    I think this is such a great post on Trello!! Okay, so be prepared that I’m going to pepper you with questions now … and it’s because I have such a high level or respect for you, as you know!! Ready? Here we go…

    1) As an avid GTD’er, how have you found your workflow changing as a result of using Trello?

    2) Do you leverage the labels in Trello for contexts or have you done away with them?

    3) Also, wondering how you use Trello for single action items and projects? I can see how Projects can be checklists within one board.

    4) Do you just use one board for everything or single tasks on one board and then separate boards for each project?

    Definitely looking forward to your response and thanks, mate!

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Hi Daniel, here goes…

      1. I still use lists and (traditional) for many tasks. What I find really beneficial with Trello is being able to just focus on the “now”. I can zoom in to what I need to accomplish right this instant, without distractions from other lists, items or contexts etc. As a result, I find myself spending more time on a giving objective in a single block (less jumping around), and can therefore complete things sooner.

      2. Since I use Trello pretty heavily for my day job, I use the labels as more of a category system. I rarely use contexts, even in other tools.

      3. Correct. Trello is ideally suited for bigger projects. For the small stuff I still use Wunderlist.

      4. I’ve tried using Trello a couple of ways and right now I have multiple boards – one for each person I work with, and then other boards for side projects etc. I currently have 2 accounts – one for my day job and one for another side project. Each of these accounts has a number of boards in them, and then each board has a number of lists. This helps with access permission controls too when collaborating with others.

  • http://www.milesgershon.com Entertainment Centers

    I tried Trello and personally found it confusing the first time around. I now use team.do (http://www.team.do) which have managed to dumb down task management so that the folks I give tasks to, actually understand how to enter their updates into the system.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      @robertjones972:disqus can’t argue with that. As long as you and the team are working in a consistent manner, then it’s all good! I might also suggest checking out Asana (http://asana.com) for a simple, collaborative task list system, with more advanced features for those who wish to use them.

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