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  • Shai

    How do I do the same with my Picasa desktop on Windows xp to my Dropbox account?

  • David Nitzsche-Bell

    Wouldn’t you use Google Drive instead of Dropbox?

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Hi David – you could probably use either. I’ll look into how to setup Google Drive as the main backup point. Stay tuned.

  • Jas

    Could you use this approach to have Picasa on two Macs sharing the same database?

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Yes! I can’t see why not!

  • Adam

    I followed these instructions to successfully migrate my Picasa library to dropbox. Now I can access it from any computer. Thank you! The only problem is that the “People” tags don’t migrate. In other words, if I tag a person in a photo on Computer A, that same photo will be un-tagged when I open it on Computer B. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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