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  • Isaac Baker

    I have need to print receipts from Evernote but there is a problem. When I scan them in they will not print on one page. A gas receipt takes up two pages. There is not scale to fit option. Every run into this problem?

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Yes! Try going to the evernote.com web application and printing from there. It should make it fit on a page. Let me know if that works for you.

      • http://www.treasurerealty.com/ Isaac Baker

        That worked great!

  • John

    Hi Jeremy, I have same problem of receipts being cut in two and spread over two pages. I tried to print two selected noted using Ctrl but sometimes I produces a header page with note title, the first note and the second is left off? This is really causing me a problem. I merged a batch of receipts for expenses today, it all looked great in the note but when printed it cuts them up.

    Would also be good to be able to resize note images, I can see my accounts dept soon tiring of printing full A4 size receipts when in real life they’re tiny, it uses masses of ink and takes an age!

    All help appreciated. Cheers, John UK

  • Mark

    A solution to the problem of not printing to one page: print to a pdf from EN.com, open the pdf, select print, and then adjust the “Pages per sheet” until you have the notes better organized one a page. Also saves paper by printing multiple pages (notes) per page.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      That’s an awesome tip! Thanks for sharing Mark.

  • Steve Steiner

    Nice tip! Fortunately, my company has moved to Concur where I can take a pic of each receipt directly in the expense app.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      My company has also moved to Concur. I still use Evernote though – it can be connected to Concur so that any image or PDF added to the Concur notebook automatically appear in the Concur app. The reason I still use Evernote is because it crops and enhance the photo when using the document camera. The Concur app is just a standard photo.

  • Ron Hammer

    I’ve been trying to make this work today using the Evernote Document camera with some receipts from a recent trip. I love the idea of being able to combine my receipts into a single PDF and include it with my expense report. So far I have not had any luck printing to a PDF that isn’t a mess with receipts split over multiple pages and some pages showing the end of one receipt and the start of another. I’ve tried from both the application (on Mac) and the web version. Both seem to have the same results. I also tried using the feature in the document camera that allows you to take multiple pictures and put them all into a single note together. Same results when outputting the PDF. Not sure what to try next.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Try the new Scannable app from Evernote. You can specify all output is PDF. That should bypass one step.

      • Ron Hammer

        That worked like a champ! I was wondering why bother with a separate app when Evernote has the built in camera, but this does a much better job!

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