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  • Anonymous

    Hi Jeremy I think you are right that productivity is personal however in my experience most of th e productivity tools have the same functions and I would advise people not to spend time researching just to chose one and try it out. The trick with these tools is to be consistent and if you are going to store your tasks make sure they are all stored in the same place. After some evaluation time you can reassess and see if it the tool meets your requirements. At least you will be more familiar with the capabilities of one to be able to compare with another.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net Jeremy Roberts

      Hi Ciara, yes you’re right – a lot of them are the same, but the are all subtly different, and it could be this subtlety that makes a world of difference, personally :)

  • Adina

    I agree with Ciara but every day a new productivity tool comes to market and you’re tempted to try new functionalities. Although storing tasks in the same place is a less time consuming alternative, using a unique tool may not meet your productivity needs in any situation. I think a tool that’s widely used by your co-workers is also important when looking for a collaboration solution as it can increase the entire team’s productivity.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net Jeremy Roberts

      Yeah and if that’s important to the individual it should go on the list of requirements. Team based task systems are becoming more common now with Orchestra, Do.com, Asana and others.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jeremy, just found your blog and will definitely be checking in again. I am a devotee of Google and Evernote and am looking forward to Zendone…if it links up these two then it sounds good.

    Another piece of tech that I would advocate is a scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap linked automatically to Evernote. Whilst it doesn’t remove all paper from my life it substantially cuts it down and I can actually find things now for the first time!

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net Jeremy Roberts

      Thanks Jon. I have a scanner now, but I one of them Evernote Scanners is on my Christmas list, that’s for sure.

  • Jennifer Mark

    I think that personal productivity ultimately results in productivity related with the person as well.

    Think of the situation when a person is assigned a task by his boss which is related to the company and lets say if the concerned person will not think of the company then automatically that is gonna affect his career in future. But at the same time when the personal thinks of his career growth then ultimately he will pay proper dedication towards the task assigned to him.

    There is no doubt that not only the personal but also the company thinks of the best ways how to get the task done up and provide all extended support like task management software, expense reporting software and many more tools.

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