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  • dobriensd

    Nice review. Have you weighed it with all of your daily gear in it or know how much weight you are carrying? My laptop is about 5 pounds all by itself and I wonder how much of a load you are bearing. Thank you.

  • Steve Steiner

    Stumbled upon your site and I love it! I have to ask a couple of questions though, keeping in mind that this is purely from MY perspective and that we each have our own unique work processes. Firstly, I’m curious why you haven’t moved your (rarely used) loyalty cards to your iPhone? Secondly, and this is the main motivation for my comment, why do you carry around 4 paper products (work notebook, journal, field notes, post-it notes)?

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Hi @steve_steiner:disqus! Great questions. Firstly, the extra cards I carry (loyalty and such) are the magnetic strip kind that still need to be swiped at the point of sale. As for my paper products, the post-its are there for work should I need to get into a particular form of collaborative discovery; the work notebook is all my notes from work-related internal and external meetings; my journal is just for me – it’s all my personal writing and observations, and my field notes book is for ideas, sketches and other random bits that I don’t want cluttering my journal and that don’t belong in my work notebook. It seems like a lot of paper, but each has a purpose and it’s really not cumbersome at all with this bag.

  • Bella

    I’ve been looking at this bag ever since they announced it and I keep hesitating because of the price. After reading your review, I am now more inclined to justify spending that much. I can’t believe you fit that much into that bag! Thank you for all the information, it is much appreciated. Now I just have to decide what colour!

  • tomborowski

    Excellent review. Could you kindly measure the maximum length of the shoulder strap? Couldn’t find the info anywhere… I’m quite tall and most bags’ straps are too short for me.


    eff it! I’m going to get this bag. One day I’ll be a smarter consumer. yolo? I really shouldn’t get this bag.

  • William Hawke Bassignani

    Great and thorough review, especially where you discussed materials. Even though I haven’t used or felt the bag, I feel very confident about having just bought one online. Excited for it to arrive!

    Also, kudos for taking the extra time to put in lots of photos. :-)

  • http://www.hydrosupralicked.com/ Ally Fiesta

    Wow, I’m so on the fence about getting this bag JUST bc like you wrote: it looks basic. The functional part of it may make it worth it just for working purposes. Thanks for posting this!

  • http://thedvard.com/ edvard

    Thanks for the review. It looks like bags are no longer offered on Evernote Market. Do you know where to get a good bag for macbook 12″, please?

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