Business Productivity with SugarCRM

SugarCRM DashboardsSugarCRM is a powerful, flexible and, most importantly, intuitive Customer Relationship Management platform that empowers your business to:

  • Better understand and engage with your customers
  • Standardise and Automate the customer lifecycle and sales process
  • Close more deals!

I’ve been using SugarCRM since 2004 and, even though I’ve also used some other high profile CRM systems, I always come back to Sugar.

The business professional in my loves that it’s so easy to use and so easy to find information. From literally anywhere, I can search and find for any piece of information I need. This could be an account, a sales opportunity, or even a support case. The automation available makes keep inline with business rules so easy that I can actually forget about the process and focus on doing business.

The web developer in me loves that it’s written in a familiar open languages (PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript/MySQL etc). That gives me the flexibility to easily build upon the application to extend and integrate it with other business systems. I can really tailor the application to work exactly the way I want it to work. You don’t need to be a develop to customise SugarCRM though. It has a very intuitive tool called Studio that gives you the ability to drag and drop to change page layouts, you can also add and remove new fields and entirely new sections. You can even build real-time data calculations into the application, all from the one interface.

If you’re looking into a Customer Relationship Management system, first I would recommend you understand why you’re looking. Then, I would definitely recommend you give serious thought to SugarCRM.

The Evolution of Professional SellingIf you’re interested, complete your details below and I will make sure that your experience with SugarCRM is nothing short of exceptional. Plus, you’ll also be able to download an eBook by Tony Hughes. In his book, Tony discuss the move from “feature” selling to “value” selling and the enormous benefits that go along with it.