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  • http://www.productiveorganizer.com Kyith

    i really like this strategy, but really it NEVER occur to me that their ultimate goal was to build up the base. to me it started off as a novelty and the only attraction is that it is ubiquitous but leave alot of empty space.

    i don’t really like this whole social to do list concept but that could be just me. there are things that you really want to keep private.

    what i really hope for is subtasking, recurring tasks and these can be review similarily on iphone or android and not just only on the web well.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Hi Kyith. The goal of Wunderlist wasn’t solely to build up an audience. I believe it was also to meant to act as a kind of experiment for Wunderkit. It will form the basis of what Wunderkit is. As for social sharing, I love it. There is huge potential for work collaboration, shopping lists, or even asking a fellow blogger to validate your plan of action!

      • http://www.productiveorganizer.com Kyith

        Hmm, that may be true as well. This could be the bare minimal functionality. The basis is they are testing whether people prefer a simple task list and beautiful. In my experience while developing WAToDo! an android GTD task application, the general comment i ganered is that it looked good.

        if its unpresentable people are likely to be dissuaded to use it. That said they are making wunderlist beautiful and seeing if its a factor.

        lets hope they dun just make it a very functional desktop app but a limited smartphone app. generally some people do alot of review on their smartphone

        • http://twitter.com/hello_klee Kirsty Lee

          Hey Kyith and Jeremy,

          You’re both absolutely right! Wunderlist was both to garner a user base and also it’s a smaller part of the whole Wunderkit concept :)

          Wunderkit will be released as a web app first, then the mobile apps will come later! As people definitely want to be organized on the go, too.

          Hope you enjoy using it when it arrives, I’d love to hear your feedback!


          • http://www.productiveorganizer.com Kyith

            Hi Kirsty, I would love to review it. Everthing about current systems does not seem to be rigid yet flexible enough for so many different kind of task management methodology we really hope that Wunderkit will be the kind of ubiquitous beautiful task management dash board that remember the milk could be.

          • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

            Hi Kirsty. You’re absolutely right… I’m loving it! I’ll be blogging a lot about Wunderkit in the future. It would be great to get your input on my posts when they go live. I recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed and the newsletter so you know when new articles are available.

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