What are Wunderlist and Wunderkit

If you’re looking around for a cross-platform, easy to use task management application, you’ve probably stumbled across Wunderlist and Wunderkit and you might be wondering what exactly the difference between the two are.

While there are many similarities between the two, Wunderkit takes a much more interactive and social approach to tasks and projects. Wunderlist is simpler and may be a better starting point to help you establish your todo list system.

This video below describes in more detail, what the similarities and differences are between these two application from 6Wunderkinder.

So there you have it. Both apps are great and suit different scenarios. To summarize, if you’re just getting into productivity tools or looking for a simple, clean and easy to understand task system, go get a Wunderlist account. On the other hand, if you have multiple concurrent projects that constantly involve, are working closely with other people, and you’re looking to get feedback and comments on your tasks, then head over to Wunderkit and setup an account.

The best part is that both apps are free!