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  • Oldmcfarlane

    I just got the iCloud last week. I agree it is completely useless. It could only work with my .me.com email address which I never used. The pictures don’t even show up as an icon on Icloud.com And none of the contacts from my phone came over with it.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net Jeremy Roberts

      Yep, definitely time to turn it off.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WTHOMHZSMJDKIBZ7CNEPYNWJVM Bob B

    So… another article glowing about all of the Google services and saying the Apple ones are “useless.” But if GOOGLE does it, then it’s awesome and you should use that.

    Who pays you to write this stuff? I’m happy with the iCloud offerings, because I have no interest in using Google services, and I don’t have Microsoft Exchange at home.

    iCloud is for people that ARE NOT GOOGLEHEADS. Why does that make it “useless?” It doesn’t. It’s GREAT for those of us that don’t hand everything to Google.

    Bad article dude, sorry.

    • Anonymous

      its not about google, did you read the entire article or you just saw word google and stopped there? You dont need to back up yahoo or hotmail either (email or calendars), they already do that, you dont need to back up your work email either it is already backed up. File photos etc, well it seem like there are apps that do the job faster better and easyer. Besides no one is stopping you from handing over you data to apple, go ahead waste your time with icloud. But most of all good luck with paying to apple for you back up space when you run out of freespace. Bad comment dude, sorry.

    • Googlehead

      Its really useless dude, and I found this article after searching lots of how to use iCloud service article and then finally I look for “iCloud is useless” article to see If am I doing something wrong or is it really useless.

  • Nyan

    Nice write up.

  • Kingsmuse

    I`m an Apple fanboy but I gotta say I have no clue what they were smoking when they put out iCloud.

    It`s completely useless

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      It’s as though Apple just needed to jump on the “Cloud” bandwagon so they could tick it off without giving real thought as to why someone should use it. Just because it’s Apple made, doesn’t mean it makes sense and we should flock to it.

  • moose

    What is the point of buying 1TB of iCloud storage if it is limited to the size of your ssd drive in your mac?? You can only use as much space that is available on your hard drive. I found this out after subscribing. Lame…

  • sedgy

    yes, terrible service, cannot even download personal video, streeam yes. but i wish to download the file. get a grip apple this is very poor indeed

  • Sheri

    I concluded in my head after leaving iphone shop with disappointment that ‘iCloud is useless’. I said that to myself a couple of times then it came to my mind to google it… and I found this page. I seriously lol.

  • johannes b bols

    I hate Mac. I hate Google. But I installed iCloud a few hours ago. A few minutes ago I uninstalled it. Perhaps it’s because I was born and raised when we didn’t have computers to tell us what to do and when to do it… but JESUS CHRIST! All these bloody accessories!

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