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  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.laube Patrick Laube

    What are the differences for you between wunderkit and evernote gtd? At this moment I have wunderlist, wunderkit, evernote, springpad…I can´t decide!!! Help…I need it to be fast, minimalistic, offline usable, GTD functional (like Things App) and Cloud based with the possibility of sharing and working with others…How do I integrate it with email? I have the ebook: the secret weapon and both books from Dan Gold… I still can´t decide…

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      Hi Patrick,
      It’s important to know that neither Evernote or Wunderkit are “GTD” apps by default. It really comes down to which one works for you. I use both Wunderkit and Evernote. Wunderkit is my “what to do” platform and Evernote is a “how to do it” platform. I store all my tasks in Wunderkit and keep a bit of an audit trail against them in the comments field. In Evernote I put all research, meeting notes, etc, things which support the task. There are a lot of task management apps around today and there seem to be more appearing every day. My suggestion is to find one that you like and stick with it for at least 30 days. The app you find doesn’t have to do everything you might think you need it to, but it should work for you.
      As for a comparison of Wunderkit, Evernote and Springpad, I see them like this:
      Evernote is a repository of everything you want to remember.
      Springpad helps ou collect things you like
      Wunderkit helps you get things done.
      I hope that helps and if you have any other questions, please do let me know.

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