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  • http://marcusplatt.co.uk/ Marcus Platt

    I’ve played around with Wunderlist numerous times myself, mainly for sharing simple lists with family members like grocery shopping. But I always found it too limiting for any project type list management, perhaps Wunderlist 3 will add some new features? https://www.wunderlist.com/blog/thanks-for-making-wunderlist-app-of-the-year-2013
    I think I will stay with Nozbe for a while longer yet though, it really works for me.

    • http://www.cloudproductivity.net/ Jeremy Roberts

      I completely agree that Wundelist is great for keeping super-simple lists, but when you need more power it becomes obvious how simple it is. It’s like a stepping stone to better productivity. Also, it’s awesome you’ve found a tool/app/system that works for you – that’s the most important thing!

  • http://process.st/ Vinay – http://process.st

    Interesting post, I went from asana to wunderlist to Trello. I just found asana was too slow for my liking…

    • goldenage

      Yeah I have been using Asana for a lot of things, but it’s way too slow (and the Android mobile app is a joke). I now use Asana as an information store, such as keeping track of ideas, trip planning details, etc, but use todoist (much faster) for daily task management. Asana has the easiest and most intuitive interface though, so I really hope they will look into making it perform better. I really would like to keep everything in one place, but until then I’ll have to use multiple apps.

  • Arlen Mark

    Another tool you guys will love to try is proofhub.com. Very useful tool for managing team as well as clients. It’s a awesome combination of project management as well as collaboration. Give it a try.

  • Jaleh

    Do you know if there is a simple way to migrate tasks from wunderlist to asana? Thanks.

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